Well, hello there.

You’ve somehow navigated your way to my very first blog post – congratulations! (You don’t win a prize)

But here’s a short story about why I’ve started this space.

As a media person, I’m of the view that the media can (and should) be a force for good despite the industry norm that “bad news sells”. This doesn’t mean that journalists should only report “good news” and turn a blind eye to injustice and horror in our world. We need to be informed in order to take action.

But I believe we could do with a more balanced media diet – one that enables us to make sense of what’s really going on by putting events in context, recognises positive developments, and inspires us to see the good around us.

You may have noticed that the title of this post and the blog header reads ‘VoICe’. During 1 of my very random epiphanies, I realised that rearranging the letters in ‘Voice’ gave me ‘Vic-o-e’.

Hmm, VIC – On – E?  E for… Everyday, Experiences, Existence.


From Everyday moments, to memorable Experiences, and the occasional musings about Existence… I see this blog as how conversations with good friends go – where topics can range from the trivial to meaningful, from the need-to-know to want-to-know.

So I might blog on the best liquid eyeliner (yes ladies, I have a grip on this one) or the top 5 places to bring a tourist in Sydney. I might interview an inspiring person or write a commentary on current affairs. Or share a joke that’s so bad, it’s good.

For starters, here’s my voice. And I hope to hear yours too 🙂

(P/S: Just don’t be a troll)


9 thoughts on “VoICe

  1. Babe. What took you so long to get started? I will be following you from Day 1. And hey. I just checked. victoriaong.com is still available, so please, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!??!?! Pay that USD18 and buy the domain now sweetheart!!!!

    1. Haha it’s very sweet of you to say that. Got the domain!

      And by the way, that ‘friendly troll’ above is actually a friend of mine. I may be nice but not THAT nice 😉

  2. I like how you define your blog “conversations that good friends would have” and that you include images too. Well written first post xx

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